Thank you for your interest in WPH Ranch bulls! Our bulls have what it takes to excel in registered or commercial herds. They have the growth, look, and attitude every cattleman wants! Clicking on their picture will give you the option to open a new window with their up-to-date EPDs. Purchase price includes delivery within 100 miles of the ranch. Bulls will be ready for delivery at 15-18 months of age. For more information, please call Monty at (417) 247-0782.

Spring 2021 Bulls

More info coming in April 2022 on our Spring 2021 bull crop. We currently plan to offer 4 polled bulls and 2 horned bulls. Get in touch to speak for your bull today!

Garth G102

WPH MGW 3B Garth G102 BW= 90 lbs, WW= 640 lbs, YW= 1,090 lbs $3,000 We use Garth in our personal herd on a regular basis. If you want a gentle giant who produces THICK calves, he's your man!